Spring Boot is a great framework for web applications, but when it comes to writing console applications it is not that straightforward as for web.

For example you want, as I needed to, to import data from some data source like CSV file. Creating web endpoint for that might be not that practical from standpoint of polluting REST API as well as security concerns. Thus CLI application is a good choice here.

It is also a must to have the Spring context by side to follow the DRY principle by re-using persistence models. So whenever models are changed, we make…

Yeah, this buzzword that’s been around for a while, reactive. “Of course I know that does it mean, bro, I am developing web apps for years!” you’ll probably answer. But is it really so? I’ve been honest with myself in regards to this topic recently, and found out that I do not really know how does it work and what benefits it offers.

It is quite important to understand the latest waves of this fluctuating tech word because the stack you currently develop in might get obsolete lightning fast and you might end up being old fashioned, beard wearing, coffee-to-code…

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